2015.08.29 VK v2.0.0 is published

Great release with native sharing dialogs is available today!

Release notes:

- Updated VK iOS SDK to version 1.1.12.
- Added support for native share dialogs for both Android and iOS.
- Reduced binary size.

Upgrade notes:

- VK.getInstance().getUserToken() now returns object rather than json string.
- New activity for sharing should be added to manifest.
- Activities are now in different namespace than before.

2015.08.15 VK v1.2.0 is published

Fresh version of VK Android SDK was introduced in this update. As a result you can now request and extract email from user token.

Release notes:

- Updated VK Android SDK version.
- Added support for for user email extraction.

2015.06.03 VK v1.1.0 is published

Better extension compatibility with 3rd party extensions on iOS was introduced.

Release notes:

- Improved compatibility with 3rd party extensions on iOS.

2015.04.17 Billing v2.0.0 is published

Newest release is more stable and robust. Now it supports subscriptions.

Release notes:

- Added subscriptions support.
- Added standard purchase response codes.
- Added disconnected service event.
- Improved behaviour for high memory pressure situations.

2015.03.30 Bugfix day

VK v1.0.1 is ready. Bug with offline requests that case crash was fixed in VK native extension.

2015.03.06 VK v1.0.0 is published

API interfaces were dramatically rebuilt.

Release notes:

- Improved authorization and execution processes.
- Added waking up and logout functionality.
- Added getSdkVersion, getApiVersion and getUserToken methods.
- Added debug information output control.

2015.02.25 Billing extension is out

With new Billing ANE you can easily add payments from Google Play In-App Billing v3 to your AIR application. It supports purchase and consumption functions and have clean interface.

2015.02.14 News page

News section was added to site. Major news and updates will be noticed on this page.