In this article I would like to talk about my library called GizmoDuck. I enjoy creating mobile apps and often I user Adobe AIR in conjunction with Starling and Feathers. Application architecture is created with Robotlegs. In order to have Robotlegs working with graphical frameworks one needs to have connector. Recently I used Robotlegs 1.5.2 and connector which can be found here. I'm happy with MVCS pattern.

Time goes and nowadays we have Robotlegs 2.2.0 release with nice MVCS bundle in it. Unfortunately I did not find any port for existed MVCS bundle and decided to write my own. So, let's try to mix Feathers and Robotlegs 2 in the project called GizmoDuck.

Starling + Robotlegs 2 = GizmoDuck

As I said before GizmoDuck is a replacement for default MVCS bundle and is used for graphical frameworks. How to use it? In the same way as you use default bundle. You will find same classnames but with "gizmoduck" string in the package name. If you don't see gizmoduck class then you can use default one. Here are extensions which have been ported: contextView, mediatorMap, modularity, viewManager, viewProcessorMap. StarlingEventMap extension has been added for inner purpose.


I have created small demo project. The simplest one. In application you see navigator with 2 screens. Main application component and both screens are linked with mediators. Screens are changing with the help of event dispatcher. You can download and check sources here. Working example is below:

Example applications

GizmoDuck was created mainly for my project for designers called Pictoria - Color Palettes. Application is working on the full range of iOS devices, Android and Kindle devices.

Where to get GizmoDuck.swc?

Make any donation what you can and I will send you library. Or find it for free on github ;)