It happend that my Dlink DSL-5640U modem supports automatic auth for and TZO. Nice feature. It was a time when I linked free domain for my dynamic ip address, changed settings for dyndns right inside modem and was happy to have subdomains for dynamic address.

Случилось так, что мой Dlink DSL-5640U модем поддерживает автоматическую авторизацию на и TZO. Что очень удобно. В свое время я привязал бесплатный домен к своему динамическому адресу, вбил настроки прямо в модем и наслаждался возможностью доступа к поддоменам веб-сервера на динамическом адресе.

Free services went away and now don't allow to use wildcard mask for free. There was no other way than search for different server (which is bad because of client software) or to find some hack and use dyndns. I found one solution. It is very simple. If we have our own domain we can easily create CNAME record which is linked with free domain. And everything will just work fine.

Let's say we have free domain which is liked with Let's call it We want to see our local server from internet and we want to use subdomains. Before it was easy to use * record but now we can't use it. Let's now take our own domain. Let's call it To have dynamic subdomains it is enough to have record in this form:


That's it.